Welcome to SA to Oz!

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Welcome to the SA to Oz weblog where we discuss migration from South Africa to Australia. As my migration agent told me many years ago, the more you know, the less the stress!


Finding a House

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Here are some websites for renting and buying in Australia:



If you are going to rent in Australia, bring with references you may have from renting in South Africa as this will put you ahead of other potential tennants.

They have open inspections for buying a house, which is usually for an hour, unlike South Africa where we have “open days” for the whole day.

A stand is called a block of land in Australia, they don’t use the term stand.

Finding a job!

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Useful websites for finding a job in Australia.




Salary Survey and Industry Insight

Make sure you have at least one, but preferably two contactable references from South Africa.

Superannuation, what is it?

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Superannuation is what we would call pension in South Africa.

It is compulsory in Australia for employers to pay 9% gross wages into a Superannuation Fund.


What is a TFN?

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A TFN is a Tax File Number which you appy for on the Australian Tax Office Website.


To emigrate or not to emigrate?

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To emigrate or not to emigrate? That is the question…

Emigration is a very big event, my migration agent told me many years ago that emmigating can be as stressful as divorce or a death in the family. But for many of us it has been well worth it.

Have your say here as to why you want to emigrate and why you are looking at Australia.

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